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Monday, October 5, 2015

Inspiring Story of an OFW in Lebanon

In 2003, June Bustillo left Philippines to work overseas in Lebanon. But after few months his employer was killed and he decided to return home to his family.

His decision was a leap of faith knowing that it wouldn't be easy to start over again. He told his wife, that he believes nothing is impossible as long as you work hard for it.

He sold his watch and video camera and he acquired Php 19,000 from it. From that amount, he built a concrete home for his family with his own hands, the total amount  he spent was Php 10,000 for the materials. He didn't have to pay labor cost because he built it himself.

Then they used Php 1,000 as a capital to start a chicharon business.

He would cook and prepare the chicharon  and his wife would bring it to the local market to sell. From the streets of Mexico, Pampanga, his chicharon business is now available in malls.

John and Mico Chicharon. Photo from My Puhunan Facebook page

Currently they are producing 500 kilos of chicharon a day from their small factory.

Mr. Bustillo firmly believes that for a hardworking person, no matter what happens, you will never go destitute.

From what he had been through, he never turned his back when another OFW from Qatar, Lourdes Policar, needed his help.

He helped her by extending financial assistance as well as giving her some chicharon so she can sell, Mr. Bustillo and his wife also taught her how to make chicharon. They are hoping that through this she would be able to establish her own business too.

All OFWs have different stories, our struggles, and challenges and how we handle them. But Just like Mr. Bustillo, we could simply give up or decide to do our best and reach our dreams.It is through his desire to be with his family and his hard work that he was able to accomplish what he has now.

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