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Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Watch the replay of the preliminary and coronation night replay videos of the 2015 Ms. Universe Beauty Pageant, 20th of December 2015, Las Vegas Nevada.

2015 Ms. Universe TOP 10

2015 Ms. Universe TOP 5

2015 Ms. Universe TOP 3

Download MS UNIVERSE 2015 

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Pinoy Pretending as a Woman Working at Saudi College Girls, Arrested!

Pinoy Pretending as a Woman Working at Saudi College Girls, Arrested!

"A presumed Filipina maid working at a girls’ college in Saudi Arabia was found to be a man several months after joining the institution.

Female teachers and students at the college in the Northeastern town of Hafr Al Batn have never suspected the maid to be a man although he worked every close to them.

But one student said she started later to suspect the maid because of the way he was walking and that she informed the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, Saudi Arabia’s feared religious police.

“Commission members went to the college and interrogated the maid…they arrested him after finding he is a man,” Sada newspaper said."

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Thursday, December 17, 2015


"Melissa" was being blackmailed by her boyfriend that she met online. She was asked to send nude photos of her, and later, was asked for money in exchange so he will not post her photos online. 
screenshot above and below from TV NEWS5
Melissa asked help from NBI when she comes home to the Philippines and the NBI was able to apprehend the man with the nude photos of the OFW on his mobile. He also possessed several simcards and NBI suspects that he is victimizing other OFWs.

Ilang beses na kayong pinaalalahanan. Ilang beses na kayong sinabihan. Huwag basta magtiwala kaninuman kahit BF nyo pa. Lalo na kung sa Social Media nyo lang sya nakilala. Iwasang magbigay ng malalaswang picture nyo, at lalong iwasan makipag-video chat na nakahubad kayo.Lalaki arestado matapos daw kikilan ang dating nobyaUploaded on Dec 20, 2015 01:13 pm - See more at: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/video/352916/balitanghali/lalaki-arestado-matapos-daw-kikilan-ang-dating-nobya#sthash.mQrhgZbG.dpufhttp://www.gmanetwork.com/news/video/352916/balitanghali/lalaki-arestado-matapos-daw-kikilan-ang-dating-nobya
Posted by Lee CaƱete on Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Suspect. OFW Online Boyfriend.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

OFW in Hongkong Jailed For Taking Employer's Used Belongings

An OFW in Hongkong  has been arrested for stealing  two baby wipes, a pair of shoes, blankets, t-shirts, two towels, five handkerchiefs, and a toy car from her employer. Except for the wipes and pair of shoes, all other items were already used. 

The 45 year-old Filipina OFW, named Imelda admitted to the crime. 
She has been working for her employer since June, and she has decided to terminate her contract because her husband found an employment in UAE, 
On Oct. 31, when she was about to leave, her employer checked her luggage and found her old belongings. 

Principal Magistrate Andrew Ma ordered her to pay a fine of $500 with the following warning:

“You came very close to an immediate custodial sentence,” Ma told Imelda during the hearing on December 1.“This is not a case of theft by finding or supermarket theft. When you left your employer’s family, you just brought along $550 worth of belongings. This is a case of breach of trust,” he added.

Besides ordering her to pay a fine,  she was also sentenced to two weeks in prison but suspended it for two years.
This means that if Imelda does not commit a crime in Hong Kong in the next two years, she does not have to go to prison.
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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How To Apply: OWWA Scholarship For OFWs and Dependents SESP

Last 2014, there were 220 scholars who took advantage of the SESP program in OWWA Regional Welfare Office of Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), out of these, 155 already graduated for the year 2015. Of those who graduated in CAR, 69 are OFWs, 74 of which are spouses of OFWs, and 47 are siblings and dependent children of OFWs. 

What is Skills for Employment Scholarship Program (SESP)?
This is scholarship for  short-term training program with a maximum value of Php 14,500.00 per course leading to the completion of a vocational or technical course in any school accredited by TESDA.

Who can avail this scholarship?
Active members of OWWA like:
* vacationing OFWs or (landbased and seabased)
finished contract workers but are still active member of OWWA.

* Qualified dependents of an OFW can also take SESP
                1.      Spouse of an OFW
2.     Child not older than 21 years old 
3.      Brother/sister not older than 21 years old of an unmarried OFW

Why take the program?
By taking additional vocational and technical courses, the knowledge and skills of an OFW is enhanced giving them advantage and additional credential which may be necessary for their work overseas. This education credential could lead an OFW to qualify for a  promotion or much better job function. 

How to apply for  this scholarship?
To apply for the scholarship you may download and fill up the scholarship form here:
You need to submit
             1.      Accomplished application forms (2 sets)
2.      1"x1" ID pictures (2 copies)
3.      Form 137/HS Report Card or Transcript of Records/ official copy of grades
4.      Proof of OWWA Membership: official receipt of OWWA contribution/OFW E-Card
5.      For dependents: proof of relationship to OWWA member (e.g. copy of marriage contract and/or birth certificate of both OFW and applicant- dependent duly certified by the Local Civil Registrar)

What are the requirements
1.     Must be an active OWWA member (land-based or sea-based) or beneficiary/dependent of an active OWWA member

2. Must pass the TESDA qualifying examination or Multiple Aptitude Battery Test (MABT) on the program of choice- This is usually done in the school of your choice, for example in Tagaytay, one of the schools that has TESDA courses is Olivarez College. Upon inquiry, a TESDA admission/assessment test will be administered to the applicant. This is free of charge too.

3. Have at least one (1) recorded membership contribution
For those who would like to avail and inquire of the program please feel free to visit your respective Regional Welfare Office located at 17 Magsaysay Avenue, Private Road, Baguio City. Or call: (074) 445-2260 or (074) 300-3658.
Where can I study or take the program? 
You may take any vocational or technical course in any school accredited by TESDA.

What are the courses offered?
The following courses are offered for the program (may be subject to change and availability of course in your local TESDA training center, you may contact OWWA and TESDA for updated information)

SESP courses offered:

• Agriculture and fishery 
• Processed food and beverages 
• Tourism (hotel and restaurant) 
• Metals and engineering 
• Garments
• Communication/electronics/information technology
• Health, social services and other community
• Decorative crafts and ceramics 
• Gifts, toys and housewares
• Jewelry
• Furniture and fixtures 
• Construction 
• Maritime land transport 
• Social and personal services

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Saturday, December 5, 2015


According to friends and fellow OFWs based in Lebanon, in their Facebook postings below, Geraldine, an OFW based in Lebanon did not actually killed her employer/Madam but was believed to have been framed up.

Read the report here

Ganito nmn pala ang true history ng pinay na kala mo ay totoong siya ang pumatay,, frame up siya ng sariling among lalaki,, WE KNOW THE LEBANESE GOVERMENT. IS FARE TO THERE JUSTICE,,,,,,
Posted by Manuel Ding Yabut Manlutac on Friday, December 4, 2015

Isa nanamn pong kababayan ntin ang humaharap sa kasong Murder sa bansang Lebanon.Be brave Kabayan lalabas din ang katotohanan.
Posted by Abian Bulosan Jhulyn on Thursday, December 3, 2015

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Filipina Domestic Worker Killed Her Lebanese Employer!


Ganito nmn pala ang true history ng pinay na kala mo ay totoong siya ang pumatay,, frame up siya ng sariling among lalaki,, WE KNOW THE LEBANESE GOVERMENT. IS FARE TO THERE JUSTICE,,,,,,
Posted by Manuel Ding Yabut Manlutac on Friday, December 4, 2015

In a report from a Lebanese website
"A Filipina domestic worker murdered on Thursday her employer, who was identified as Lebanese citizen Nathalie Michel Salban (born in 1978), in the region of Ain Najem in the district of Metn.
In the details, the maid repeatedly beat her employer with a glass vase and a metal stick used in weight lifting, until she smashed her head, and then called the victim's husband, Aziz Farhat, who had left the house earlier.
The husband rushed to the crime scene with Criminal Evidence teams and the coroner, where the maid was arrested.
In this regard, sources reported that a fight had erupted between the two women before the worker killed her employer."

Watch the news video above.

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