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Monday, February 29, 2016

Building Haris Killed Filipina in Dubai Over Bucket of Water Spilt Argument

Only two months at work, the Pakistani haris or watchman of the building of Lenlie Oliverio had an argument with her that day over accidentally spilling the bucket of water he was using for cleaning. After a heated confrontation, the Pakistani knocked on Lenlie's room pretending there was a Fire Alarm problem, then when she opened the door, he stabbed her to death.

Note that the haris or caretaker  was only two months in the country and 10 days in his new work or building under his watch. Lesson: don't engage in heated argument with anyone while you're abroad, and don't let anyone in inside your flat or room especially  if you are alone.

The Asian man, who had just returned from work, found Oliverio stabbed multiple times and the apartment ransacked.
Teams from Dubai Police’s Criminal Investigation Department and General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology rushed to the scene and started their investigation.
Maj Gen Al Mazeina said the Asian man, who lived with the victim, said that he had last seen the victim in the morning before going to work, adding that the victim had also spoken to him around midday asking him to buy some things for the house.
He said, “Initially there were no obvious signs as to who could have committed the crime. Teams started looking into people who knew the victim, the victim’s flat-mate, people who live in the building and in nearby shops.”
Major General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant to the Dubai Police Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, said, “The way the victim was stabbed led us to deduct that revenge could be the reason behind her murder.”
He said that although the watchman was helping out the victim’s friend, and facilitating access to residents while police were in the building, policemen suspected him due to his body language.
“Our teams, who are trained in reading body language, suspected the watchman, although he had no wounds or marks that could link him to the murder. He was taken in for questioning at the Criminal Investigation Department, where he confessed to the crime,” Maj Gen Al Mansouri said.
He said they tested the watchman’s DNA against biological evidence found at the crime scene, which tested positive, linking the man to the crime.
Maj Al Mansouri said the suspect claimed that he was cleaning the floors of the building that morning at around 9am when the victim walked by and spilt the water bucket he was using to clean, after which a heated argument ensued.
“The suspect confessed that he then got a knife, went to her apartment at around 2pm and told her that there was a problem with the fire alarm. So she let him in. When she did, he said he grabbed her, put his hand over her mouth and stabbed her multiple times until he was sure she was dead,” he said.
The suspect then told the police that he cleaned his clothes, closed the door and carried on with his day. Police declined to reveal the number of stab wounds.

Police said the suspect had only been in the country for around two months, where he worked with the same company but in a different building in another emirate.
He had only started working at the victim’s building 10 days before the crime.

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