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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Kind-hearted Employer Sponsors Wedding and Bridal Gown Of Helper

It has been difficult to find a babysitter or helper recently. It's rare to find one who stays and is trustworthy. That is why if the helper or babysitter stays with their employer for more than 3 years, that is one lucky employer. 

And many employers consider their helpers as family once they last that long. Just like with what happened with Marga Tan. According to her, she is truly blessed to have Karen Velarde as their family's babysitter. Because other than being hardworking she is also very caring to lwards Marga's kids. That's why it's not a surprise why the kids love her. 

Yaya Karen is a very jolly person but she is also quite shy. Marga observed that Laren is different from the nannies that they have hired before. She could see that Karen treats her children just like her own. 

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Karen has been with them for 3 years already. So the moment that Karen told them that she is planning to get married, Marga was very supportive.

She was so supportive that she managed everything to help Karen achieve her dream wedding. 

She asked for help on Facebook to find the perfect wedding dress for Karen.

A girl named Tifanny said that she was selling a dress for a really low price. Even though the gown was Von Lazaro. She felt that the new owner will be really happy with her dress. 

That is why when Tifanny saw that Marga was looking for a wedding dress for her nanny, she offer it to her. And viola, after a while Marga decided to buy it as a gift for Yaya Karen. 

And when she received it she gave to Karen as a surprise. Karen was so happy and became emotional when she saw it. 

The post got a lot of positive comments and some moms even offered to give wedding gifts, like wedding cakes and free photo services for the magical day. 

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