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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Meet the 21-year-old English Woman Who Fell In-love With Surfing Instructor and Got Married

We all dream of finding our true loves one day. Some meet theirs during high school, some meet at the bus, or some even by accidentally bumping into each other. 

But Polly Alexandria Robinson, met hers during her visit to Bali, Indonesia last August 2017. His name is Karna Radhedya. He is a certified surfing instructor at the beach. 

They grew closer and closer each time they met. And when Polly went back to Manchester, they still continued communicating. And their LDR aka Long Distance Relationship began. 

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Till Polly decided that it was time for her to go visit Indonesia again and finally tie the knot with the love of her life. She converted to Islam. And on the beautiful day of December 16th they got married and had a traditional Muslim wedding. 

Although Polly's parents were not present at her wedding, she was still very happy as she got to marry her true love. And after exchanging their vows in Magelang, they went back to the place where they first met. 


Karna said that he did not expect their marriage to go viral and photos of his sweet moments with Polly have also been circulating. “My only intention is to make our relationship halal. But since our story has already gone viral, I hope it will be an inspirational tale for netizens,” he added. 

Well wishes and congratulatory messages have been pouring in on both Karna and Polly’s social media accounts, with many netizens wishing them a happy marriage.

This just shows that love knows no distance, no race, no boundaries. Share your own love stories below!

source: fb / WB