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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The World's Most Expensive Private Resort Is Now Open And Can Be Found In Palawan, Philippines

The most expensive hotel resort is now finally open to the public which costs $100,000 per night. 

That is a whooping 5,194,000 pesos. This hotel resort can be found in Palawan and takes just 2 hours from Manila by flight. It's called Banwa Private Island. 

You can do plenty of activities in the island, just like play tennis, enjoy beach volleyball, go kayaking, or just swim in the crystal clear water. 


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This private and hidden resort can accommodate up to 48 people for one night where they can stay at any of the 6 beachfront villas. Which have either a private jacuzzi deck, infinity pool, or garden suites. 

All of the rooms were designed by the company Manosa and co, the collaboration of MAP HK and Aquos Group. 

Another attractive thing about the resort is that all of the food they'll serve is organic and fresh from the farm in Banwa. 

Included in the villa is an open kitchen where you can ask your personal chef to cook scrumptious dishes for you. That way guests will be sure that they'll get a healthy and balanced meal. 

They also offer master cooking class where you can cook side by side with celebrity chef Nadeja Bouacaha. 

The luxury resort also has a gym, pilates studio, tennis court, jogging track, and a soccer field plus activities like spa treatments. All of which you may use unlimitedly once you book at least 3 nights with them.

source: dailymail