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Saturday, May 4, 2019

This Father Shares a Scary Video Of his Son's Reflection In Mirror

WARNING: if you're a scaredy cat do NOT watch this video at night. Because this video we're gonna show gives us the creeps! 

A twitter user named Nasrullah Napi shared a video of his son standing in front the mirror past midnight. And boy did scare a lot of his followers. 

He tweeted: “I was enjoying myself, playing PUBG, when my wife asked me to go get my son. I thought there was nothing but once I saw the video, I was scared!”

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On the video the child is seen facing the mirror and when he turns his head to look at his mom. The reflection stared at the camera with pitch-black eyes!!! Then went back to his normal eye color. 

The video caused a commotion and Nasrullah's followers expressed how afraid they were after watching the video. 


But before you start peeing your pants, there's a plot twist. The video is just edited. Some netizens did remember that Nasrullah is a videographer. Plus he also did not deny that it was edited. 

People didn't bash him for it though but instead they praised his editing skills. 

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